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What’s At Our Piru Yard?

Piru is one of our larger yards where we grow lots of trees.  Make an appointment to tour and tag your favorites.

  • Need Platanus racemosa (Western Sycamore) or Quercus agrifolia (California Live Oak). It will be so hard to choose just one, as they are healthy and beautifully sculpted by hand.
  • Who has a Tipuana tipu (Tipuana) in a 24", 36" or 48" Box Standard with a 4 - 5' trunk clearance? Piru Yard has it ready for you.
  • Highly prized Ficus microphylla nitida (Ornamental Fig). Prunus carolinana (Cherry Laurels) and Cupressus sempervirens (Italian Cypress) are shaped into matching columns for an elegant finish to any exquisite garden setting. Available in a #5, #15, 24" and 36" Box.

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We offer the best selections and most desirable varieties of landscape trees and larger shrubs.

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Our plants are cared for from beginning to end at our locations throughout California.

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